Friday, September 12, 2008

Hunt for man filmed punching kangaroo on video

Hunt for youth who kicked-boxed kangaroo unconscious

$20,000 reward for kangaroo attacker

Public support to help the RSPCA and police track down the youths responsible for bashing a kangaroo unconscious and posting a video of their behaviour online continues to grow today with a $20,000 reward offered and the creation of a Facebook page.

RSPCA WA spokesman Richard Barry said donations to the reward offered were coming in thick and fast, with a Perth businessman pledging $10,000.

“Its going crazy,” he said.


Police are hunting for a youth who kicked a kangaroo unconscious then posted the video online.

RSPCA WA spokesman Richard Barry said the sickening video was sent to the RSPCA in WA and showed the youth using kickboxing-style attacks on the kangaroo while his friend laughed as he filmed the assault.

In one shocking scene of the 25-second video, the male pulls the kangaroo towards him and uses his knee to deliver a blow to its chest.

It is uncertain if the attack killed the kangaroo, but the video shows the youth swinging punches to the animal’s face with great force as the animal struggles to remain standing. The final punch knocks the kangaroo to the ground where it appeared unconscious.

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Mr Barry said it was not known where or when the video was filmed, but it was possible the youth was from WA.

The youths responsible for the video could be fined up to $50,000, and could also face up to five years jail.

Native wildlife expert Steve McLeod said he believed the animal was injured before it was attacked.

“The kangaroo is very disoriented,” he said. “It is very unusual for a kangaroo to fight like that as they invariably flee.

“I would hazard a guess that it has been knocked over by the car and injured. Certainly it has been stunned in some way.”

Mr Barry said RSPCA was appealing to the public to help track down the cowards behind the vicious attack.

“Thankfully this sickening footage has now been removed from the website where it was first seen,” he said.

“The next stage is to ensure that those responsible for this film are brought to justice.

“Only a coward would attack an injured and obviously terrified young animal much smaller than himself.

“We want these cowards to be caught, charged and prosecuted.”

Mr Barry said the RSPCA had the support of WA Police to find the culprits of the senseless attack.

“The RSPCA is sending a clear message that this behaviour is not only unacceptable, it is against the law,” he said.

“People might think posting videos on the internet provides them some anonymity but the RSPCA is here to tell those people that when it comes to animal cruelty, we have zero tolerance and we will use every resource to track you down.”Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan described the footage as very disturbing.

“It is very sickening that we have a man kicking a kangaroo and the kangaroo seems to be in distress before this event begins,” he said.

“If anybody knows who the offenders are please call Crime Stoppers.” Crime Stoppers can be contacted on 1800 333 000.


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How could anyone be so cruel and actually film it and put up the net. Share your views here.

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How could anyone be so cruel and actually film it and put up the net. Share your views here.